Monday, 14 November 2016

7 reasons to have a good laugh

When we're young we laugh easily but as we get older we often lose that habit. In fact a number of studies will tell you that laughter is really good for you, decreasing stress, anxiety and depression and increasing happiness and contentment.

  1.  Laughter distracts us away from negative thoughts and feelings more effectively than many other distractions
  2. Laughter decreases the number of stress hormones in our bodies and increases the endorphins that make us feel good and may reduce pain
  3. Laughter is a social activity, we feel good when we laugh with others - that's why laughter tracks are added to some comedies
  4. Humour allows us to change our perspective; finding something funny instead of scary or threatening puts us in control
  5. We take in more oxygen when we laugh because of the changes in our breathing pattern, this gives a boost to many of our physical processes including improving our immune system functions
  6. Laughter lifts our mood; when I work with very stressed people they often can’t recall the last time they had a really good laugh
  7. Laughter helps us relax physically and emotionally - remember that wonderful feeling when you've 'laughed yourself out'?

How to use laughter to feel good

  • Find a video or book that makes you laugh, watch or read it regularly
  • Go to places where others are laughing, or listen to babies giggling on you tube, it’s infectious
  • Smile, it’s the beginning of laughter and makes you feel good
  • Take time aside to reconnect with your inner child - children laugh easily
  • Schedule some time for fun and play, even adults should do this
  • Be around kids and pets, they often make you laugh
  • Try to see the funny side of things whenever you can
Now post your best joke in the comments (clean please - this page is open to everyone!) so we can all have a giggle.
Author: is a professional stress management coach, specialising in working with individuals and smaller employers to minimise stress and maximise feeling in control.Debbie is has also written about helping people with IBS in the Hypnotherapy Handbook which is available from
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